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Reviews for Are You The Babe of Bethlehem?:

“I am always looking for quality Christmas books, and especially books that help focus on the true reason behind the season, so I was excited to read Are You The Babe of Bethlehem?.

This non-denominational picture book follows a little boy as he is seeking the “babe in Bethlehem” and asks various people in the nativity story if it is them. The pattern repeats as the boy learns who each of the people really are and what their significance to the story is until finally, he finds Christ. The end of the book is touching to see their interaction.

It is fairly long for young readers, but I really like how the book is easily adaptable for the age and level of the person reading. If you are reading with a toddler you could just read the main highlighted text and still have an impactful story. If you are reading with a bit older child you could read the full paragraph on each page. And if you have a reader able to handle more, there are scripture passages included which tell more about the featured individual. I also think you could break up the book to learn about one or a couple individuals each night as part of a family learning time. The illustrations by Aubrie Moyer are darling and add so much to the sweet text.”

—S. Price, Creator of Because My Mother Read,  November 16, 2018

“I am normally a “Christmas-after-Thanksgiving” kind of girl, but I couldn’t wait to share this book because it is so sweet and beautiful. A little boy discovers the nativity person-by-person while searching for the babe of Bethlehem. Each of the key people in the story of Jesus’ birth are depicted with a coordinating scripture reference. It has beautiful illustrations and is going to be a great addition to our Christmas book collection.”

—J. Andreasen,  November 11, 2018

Reviews for Sonnets of Faith:

A feast for the eyes and a reward to the soul

I’ve enjoyed this book immensely. I typically read books to learn new information, rarely taking the time to read calmly and slowly, for reflection or enjoyment. Experiencing this book has been very positive for me–not only because of its rich and beautiful content, but also opening my eyes to the value of time spent in such a way.

It was obvious from my first scanning of the pages that this book was produced with inspiration and great care. Every detail exudes thoughtful intent–designed to create an experience that rewards the reader for their brief immersion in its pages. I found the theme of each sonnet artfully expressed, wonderfully rhythmic and true to the classic sonnet form which, in truth, I didn’t even know until after the introductory explanation–which I’m sure will be appreciated by non-poetics like myself.

I guess the bottom line is that I was surprisingly delighted by my reading experience, given my lack of experience with poetry. Each page includes a helpful, unobtrusive list of reminders/definitions of archaic or infrequently used words. I have a decent vocabulary but it helped me a lot and was super convenient being right there near the sonnet itself.

Regarding the artwork, I’ve been a Dan Burr fan for years and was excited to see that he was the artist. Oh my goodness. You won’t be disappointed. There are unforgettable and deeply touching art pieces in this book that take the reading experience to another level. Truly. I could not have been more delighted. Even a casual, coffee table book flipper will find that their 5 minutes scanning the pages was worth waking up for that morning. Yes, they are that good, in my opinion.

Most importantly, the book speaks from the heart of a true disciple. Followers and believers in Christ will find their kindred spirit in the faith and feelings expressed on these pages. Like eating one or two gourmet chocolates from a fine box that you wish to last forever, I found that I would just stop and savor one or two, allow them to settle in and feed me, and consider that was sufficient for the day. These are too precious to hastily gobble them down.

I’ve been touched to my soul and will not soon forget this fusion of stunning visual imagery and the rhythmic, beautiful messages of inspiration.”

—R. Bohlen, Amazon reviewer,  January 2, 2016


I found this book to be inspirational in every way. The author uses passages from the Bible to prepare our minds for these masterfully written sonnets. Each sonnet offers a unique insight that lingers in the heart, allowing us to continue to ponder the personal significance long after closing the pages. As the Savior’s parables bring lasting imagery, these sonnets also create images that will endure…truly Sonnets of Faith.

The illustrations are equal to this great work. Dan Burr’s artwork brings a feeling of reverence and contemplation to the pages. I have displayed a copy of this beautiful book in my living room. Interestingly, I have found on many occasions that visitors in my home have instinctively reached for the book and quietly become captivated with its message.

This book, with its depth in word and its beauty in art, invites the reader to be still and ponder the messages of Christ. It offers a rare, and much-needed opportunity for all followers of the Savior.

Sonnets of Faith will prove to be a cherished addition to your library. I will look forward to more work by Dona Wilding Haws.

—Abigail B., Amazon reviewer, March 5, 2016


Reviews for Angels Foretold of Baby Jesus:

“I loved reading this book to my grandchildren. There was a feeling of peace and love as they followed along. Even though it happened over 2000 years ago, we have the account of Jesus’ birth recorded in the scriptures. Now, Dona’s beautifully illustrated book allows us to experience these prophesies as angels visit Isaiah, Lehi, and many others.

The repetitive element, ‘Long, long ago’ is a visual key that ties each experience together, which young readers love to say aloud each time.

The simple, yet powerful message of Christ’s birth from this unique perspective is a treasured addition to my Christmas collection. A wonderful gift for everyone this Christmas!”

—Diane H., Amazon reviewer, November 11, 2017

“Upon reading this book for the first time, I fell in love with it! The story is so unique and thought-provoking. When I read it to my daughter, we spent several minutes on each page further discussing the details of each prophecy. The illustrations add such depth to the story too. I think this book is one of the better children’s Christmas books that I have read in a long time!”

—Emma J., Goodreads reviewer, November 2, 2017