Sonnets of Faith

Sonnets of Faith

Sonnets of Faith is a favorite go-to for inspiration and comfort for those who love the Lord and those who want to feel His love. Cherished Bible passages from the King James Version set the stage as you witness the Scriptures come to life in a new dimension through the lyrics and rhythms of sonnets. The vivid and specially-commissioned work of award-winning artist Dan Burr resonates with the sonnets, adding his full-color vision to this unique collection. Whether you spend a few minutes or a few hours, you’ll come away enriched, guided, and more secure in the Lord’s unfailing love for you.

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Available in hardcover for $20 and softcover for $10. A $3 shipping fee will be added to each order

Also available at The Book Bungalow in St. George, Utah and The Book Table in Logan, Utah.

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“Deep searching thoughts, of scripture born, filled me with faith, and hope reborn. Dona Wilding Haws’ precious gift, born of charity, edifies and enlightens the soul, reveals the light and love of Christ, and invites prayerful meditation. Once inside its pages I could not cease to explore, for true joy is truly at its core.” —K. Newell Dayley, composer and lyricist, Dean of the UVU School of Arts “Kindred spirits will find many rewards in these pages.” —Richard Bushman, Gouverneur Morris Professor of History Emeritus Columbia University “In this beautiful little book, Dona Wilding Haws has shown us how to turn a testimony into art. It’s a process we all should try.” —Claudia L. Bushman

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