Hello—I’m Dona.

I write books, poems, and songs that help people thrive in every part of who they are—socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

My books include Sonnets of Faith, Angels Foretold of Baby Jesus, and Are You the Babe of Bethlehem? Most of my poems are found in Sonnets of Faith, although I love my first little gem to be published, The Goodnight Train, Friend Magazine, August 2015.

I have a BS in Psychology and worked as an Elementary School Counselor.

For now I am a stay-at-home writer/wife/mom/grandma. I have a couple of songs in process and several manuscripts under consideration with publishers. I admit that it is nigh on to impossible for me to follow a recipe. Mostly I look at recipes to relax and to get ideas—then I take it from there. My husband of 44 years is open for the culinary adventures.